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Welcome to The Wright Language School’s recruit site. We are inviting applications from qualified, energetic native-speaking English teachers to join us on our small staff starting with orientation on March 25th this year. The successful applicant will be assuming full-time teaching responsibilities from April 1st 2020.

Brief overview of the position:

  • Work alongside staff with over 60-years’ teaching experience, in a school established for 30 years.
  • Teach English to students from preschool age to adult, in private to large group settings.
  • Minimum Bachelor degree required, preferably teaching related.
  • Sponsorship/visa renewal will be provided for qualified applicants.
  • Competitive starting salary, with consideration given for successful applicant’s experience and qualifications.
  • Five-day work week, Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Twelve-month, renewable contract.
  • Completion bonus.
  • Accommodation arranged, rent subsidized.
  • All Japanese national holidays falling on work days, plus approximately a week each for spring, summer and winter vacations.

When possible, interviews will be conducted in person with applicants in final consideration for the position who reside in Japan. Interviews with overseas applicants will be conducted via Skype. Applicants in consideration for final selection will be asked to prepare sample lessons for a children’s class and an adults’ class and present a sample lesson for each in the final interview.

If you feel this offer is in tune with your hopes, please spend some time reading through the information below to ensure we are working toward a good match of your aspirations and our expectations.

Please send your application to us as soon as possible addressed to Ms. Kazuko Takayama, including the following;

  1. Cover letter
  2. Résumé
  3. A recent photo of yourself
  4. References
  5. LinkedIn profile if available

Acceptable attachments (with your full name in all document names):

  • PDF document (*.pdf) (preferred)
  • Microsoft Word documents (*.doc, *.docx),
  • *.jpg for any pictures.

and send them to:

[email protected]

About Us

Kazuko TakayamaHistory: Situated in Tsuyama City in the north of Okayama Prefecture, Japan, The Wright Language School has one of the longest histories of serving the local community of English language students. Founded in 1990 by Ms. Kazuko Takayama, the school is marking its thirtieth anniversary this year.

Students: Our students range from three-year-olds, to those in their senior years, learning in one-to-one classes, semi-private settings, small and large groups.

Students study an average of four lessons a month and are free to extend or cancel their classes on one month’s notice. While occasionally asked to teach a short sample lesson to prospective clients, staff are not pressured into conducting sales pitches; we believe a quality lesson delivered to the best of our abilities is the best incentive for all our continuing and potential students.

Staff: The small staff of three full-time teachers currently have a combined teaching history of over 60 years, with teaching experience in America, Australia, and in some of the largest cities in Japan. While the small number of staff may leave us stretched at times, we are appreciated in the local area for our level of personal attention and professional standards, while maintaining a reasonable price scale for our customers.

Another important member of our school community is Max, Kazuko’s fourteen-year-old toy poodle. He accompanies her to work everyday, and while he typically sleeps through the lessons, he usually has a hearty bark saying hello to anyone visiting the school. Students love his gentle nature and few can resist giving him a pat. You can see pictures and read more about him on Max’s introduction page from 2006 on the school’s main website.

Website: While much in need of an update, the school’s main website is another step in our journey to improving our service to our local current and potential students, as well as bringing English education beyond the immediate area. Online for over twenty years, it has grown to a site of over 400 pages, accessed from locations far from our local area. Though predominantly in Japanese, non-Japanese users can click around and get a feel for the school and our students from many of the pages.



Lesson Planning: Teachers are not required to prepare formal lesson plans. They are encouraged to prepare their own lesson notes prior to each class, outlining goals and methods for each lesson. All texts at the school have been carefully chosen and most are accompanied by detailed teaching manuals produced by the publishers, which the teachers should consult in preparation for each lesson, incorporating additional original teaching resources and activities.

Schedule: The teacher is required to be at the school Tuesday to Saturday for the core business hours from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm, with an hour off for lunch and time off to compensate for one early start.

The teacher is scheduled to teach just one class starting earlier than the regular hours, a 10:30 am start each Tuesday teaching a large adult group class for ninety minutes at the head school. The teacher won’t be required to resume regular office hours after that class until 2:00 pm that day.

The teacher will teach an average of twenty-four to twenty-eight hours per week. The weekly teaching schedule will vary, with cancellations, re-scheduling by students and new classes beginning and classes ending. The daily schedule is finalized the day before, with unexpected cancellations being the only changes on the day. On average, teachers can expect to teach from four hours to a maximum of six hours per day, although occasionally as few as two or three hours may be scheduled.

Time between classes will be used for lesson preparation, upkeep of the student files, assisting in the day to day running of the school and self-directed professional development. It is an ideal time to keep abreast of current topics and peruse available teaching catalogs and resources on-line in preparation for scheduled classes.


The teacher has their own apartment arranged for them. It is a modest 3-bedroom, furnished apartment, conveniently located within a short walk from the school and the downtown area of Tsuyama.

The teacher does not have to pay any deposit, key money or “gift” money, a common and expensive practice in Japan when signing contracts with landlords.

The monthly rent will be subsidized by the school, the teacher’s share of ¥30,000 being deducted from the monthly salary.

The apartment has broadband Internet connection, air conditioning, bedding, washing machine, western style toilet, bathroom, kitchen utensils including rice cooker, cook top, refrigerator, cups, pots, flatware, chopsticks, crockery, basically everything needed to survive. The teacher will be responsible for utilities, Internet and living expenses.


This section outlines conditions of the working contract not mentioned in previous segments, or only touched on briefly.

Salary, Bonus & Taxes: Basic salary is ¥250,000 per month, with consideration given to applicants with greater experience and qualifications. Consideration will be given to a raise in salary, dependent on the teacher’s performance on subsequent contract renewals.

The teacher will be paid a ¥80,000 bonus upon the successful completion of the contract.

The school will deduct income tax from the teacher’s monthly salary. The teacher will be responsible for paying local and city taxes, as well as national health insurance.

Holidays and Leave: Approximately a week each for the New Year, the Golden Week (late April to early May) and Obon holidays (mid-August), plus all national Japanese holidays falling on work days.

Days off for personal business are to be mutually agreed upon by the school and the teacher. Classes canceled for teacher’s requested days off will be re-scheduled.


Equally important to any formal qualifications we may list here, the successful applicant must show a willingness to incorporate themselves in what is a very close working environment. This is a small school in a relatively small city and the teacher will be very closely associated in the eyes of the people here with the school. This is true in any small city, but particularly so in Japan. We are looking for someone who is conscious of their image and performance, both personally and professionally, in the minds of those around them.

Education and Experience: Minimum three or four year Bachelor Degree is required, and is essential for sponsorship purposes. Preference will be given to applicants with a degree and experience in teaching, particularly in EFL. EFL training and certification will be favorably looked on.

During the interview process, select applicants will be invited to present sample lessons for a children’s class and an adults’ class and deliver them either in person when possible, or through Skype. When planning the lessons, please consider group scenarios of 4 to 6 students incorporating materials you will be provided with. Details of the target students for the lessons will be provided later in the interview process.

Japanese Ability: Proficiency in Japanese is a major plus, but not an essential requirement. While not essential, it is occasionally beneficial to use directions in Japanese for lower level students and in particular to maintain order in children’s classes. Other staff will only too willingly assist in the linguistic development of the teacher to these ends.


If you feel this offer is a good match with your aspirations, please note applications for this position will be accepted until the end of February, 2020 with orientation commencing on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 and full-time teaching responsibilities beginning Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 .

Please send your application as soon as possible addressed to Ms. Kazuko Takayama, including the following;

  1. Cover letter
  2. Résumé
  3. A recent photo of yourself
  4. References
  5. LinkedIn profile if available

Acceptable attachments (with your full name in all document names):

  • PDF document (*.pdf) (preferred)
  • Microsoft Word documents (*.doc, *.docx),
  • *.jpg for any pictures.

and send them to:

[email protected]

Please feel free to ask any additional questions about the position along with your application.

We are looking forward to hearing from all interested applicants!