About Us

The Wright Language SchoolHistory: Situated in Tsuyama City, the regional capital of northern Okayama Prefecture, Japan, The Wright Language School has one of the longest histories of serving the local community of English language students. Founded in 1990 by Ms. Kazuko Takayama, the school is marking its thirty-fourth anniversary in 2024.

Students: We offer classes to students ranging from three-year-olds to mature students from all walks of life, learning in one-to-one, semi-private, small and large groups settings.

Students study an average of four lessons a month and are free to extend or cancel their classes on one month’s notice. While occasionally asked to teach a short sample lesson to prospective clients, staff are not pressured into conducting sales pitches; we believe a quality lesson delivered to the best of our abilities is the best incentive for all our continuing and potential students.

Staff: We have a small staff of three full-time teachers with teaching experience in America, Australia, and in some of the largest cities in Japan. While the small number of staff may leave us stretched at times, we are appreciated in the local area for our level of personal attention and professional standards, while maintaining a reasonable price scale for our customers.

Website: While way overdue for an update, the school’s main website is another step in our journey to improving our service to our local current and potential students, as well as bringing English education beyond the immediate area. Online for over twenty-five years, it has grown to a site of over 400 pages, accessed from locations far from our rural home. Though predominantly in Japanese, non-Japanese users can click around and get a feel for the school and our students from many of the pages.