Lesson Planning: Teachers are encouraged to prepare their own lesson notes prior to each class, outlining goals and methods for each lesson. All texts at the school have been carefully chosen and most are accompanied by detailed teaching manuals produced by the publishers, which the teachers should consult in preparation for each lesson, incorporating additional original teaching resources and activities.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the school rapidly restructured the teaching environment to offer online lessons, via Zoom, for all our customers and to conform to government guidelines on in-person teaching. All classrooms have cameras, mics and a document camera for text presentation online and on the large monitor in each class. Since the worst of the pandemic has abated, and following government guidelines, masks are now optional in class and students are asked to study from home should they present with any symptoms. Almost all classes are still in person, with the occasional hybrid lesson (in-person and online mix) from time to time.

The introduction to Zoom has been a great bonus for our students, giving them the flexibility to study when their schedule may prevent them from attending in-person, and even opening classes to students in other cities.

Schedule: The teacher is required to be at the school Tuesday to Saturday for the core business hours from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm, with an hour off for lunch and time off to compensate for one early start.

The teacher is scheduled to teach just one class starting earlier than the regular hours, a 10:45 am start each Tuesday teaching a large adult group class for seventy-five minutes at the head school. The teacher won’t be required to resume regular office hours after that class until 2:00 pm that day.

The teacher will teach an average of twenty to twenty-three hours per week.

The weekly teaching schedule will vary, with cancellations, re-scheduling by students and new classes beginning and classes ending. The daily schedule is finalized the day before, with unexpected cancellations being the only changes on the day. On average, teachers can expect to teach from four hours to a maximum of six hours per day, although occasionally as few as two or three hours may be scheduled.

Time between classes will be used for lesson preparation, upkeep of the student files, assisting in the day to day running of the school and self-directed professional development. It is an ideal time to keep abreast of current topics and peruse available teaching catalogs and resources on-line in preparation for scheduled classes.