The following is a list of some of the main texts used at the school. Where available, links to publisher’s sites, and specific text information have been included. All links will open in a new window/tab.


Text: SuperKids Third Edition 1~6 with Activity Books.

Publisher: Pearson

Description: This series focuses on presenting and learning language through functional dialogs, TPR activities and engaging story lines while developing key vocabulary, grammar skills in context, and writing skills. Lots of chants, rhymes, songs and movement accompany all units.

Text: Chatterbox Emergent & Early Stages. (Currently out of print.)

Publisher: Pearson Education Australia

Description: A really popular readers’ series for younger learners. A total of 72 vibrant and engaging readers that challenge and extend our elementary students’ reading abilities. Each lesson the students can make their own selection from their appropriate level, practice and present the reader to their peers, before moving on to the next challenging book. It has proven a great motivator for our younger learners.

Junior High to High School, Young Adult:

Text: American Headway (Third Edition) Starter , 1 & 2

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Description: Solid general skills development through authentic listening and conversation activities. Supplementary writing and cloze activities augment the well structured exercises.


Text: Interchange Fourth Edition Intro, 1 & 2, and Interchange Fifth Edition, Intro, 1 & 2

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Description: Takes the beginning to intermediate level adult student through guided conversations, topics for discussion, grammar focus and review activities, supplementing the core work with audio and workbook activities.

Text: Passages, Second Edition, 1 & 2

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Description: Written for students looking to develop their upper-intermediate skills, this series is the logical successor to the Interchange series. Challenging both linguistically and conceptually, an engaging text for students with high aspirations.

Additional Materials & Resources: The school also has a large number of flash-cards, additional skills books for spelling, reading and writing, story books and some board games, primarily aimed at children’s classes, all useful in instructing, extending, reviewing and engaging students.

Wireless Internet access is available in the head school for those wishing to utilize the school’s or their own PC for online and computer based learning strategies and lesson preparation. Each classroom has a computer, document camera, conference microphone and large monitor for presentations and online lessons.

Free Conversation: Adults’ classes are usually balanced between the text and free conversation. For almost all of our students this is the only regular opportunity they have to speak with a fully fluent English speaker. It is an opportunity for the students to practice the skills they have learned in class, and the teacher should view it as an integral part of the lesson: correcting errors in usage and pronunciation, extending vocabulary and idiomatic usage.