Equally important to any formal qualifications we may list here, the successful applicant must show a willingness to incorporate themselves in what is a very close working environment. This is a small school in a relatively small city and the teacher will be very closely associated in the eyes of the people here with the school. This is true in any small city, but particularly so in Japan. We are looking for someone who is conscious of their image and performance, both personally and professionally, in the minds of those around them.

Education and Experience: Minimum three or four year Bachelor Degree is required, and is essential for sponsorship purposes. Preference will be given to applicants with a degree and experience in teaching, particularly in EFL. EFL training and certification will be favorably looked on.

During the interview process, select applicants will be invited to present sample lessons for a children’s class and an adults’ class and deliver them either in person when possible, or through Zoom. When planning the lessons, please consider group scenarios of 4 to 6 students incorporating materials you will be provided with. Details of the target students for the lessons will be provided later in the interview process.

Japanese Ability: Proficiency in Japanese is a major plus, but not an essential requirement. While not essential, it is occasionally beneficial to use directions in Japanese for lower level students and in particular to maintain order in children’s classes. Other staff will only too willingly assist in the linguistic development of the teacher to these ends.