Welcome to The Wright Language School’s recruit site. We are inviting applications from qualified, experienced and energetic English teachers to join us on our small staff starting with orientation on March 26th, 2024. The successful applicant will be assuming full-time teaching responsibilities from April 2nd, 2024.

Brief overview of the position:

  • Teach English to students from preschool age to adult, in private to large group settings.
  • Minimum 3 to 4-year bachelor’s degree required, preferably teaching related.
  • Sponsorship/visa renewal will be provided for qualified applicants.
  • Competitive starting salary, with consideration given for successful applicant’s experience and qualifications.
  • Five-day work week, Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Twelve-month, renewable contract.
  • Completion bonus.
  • Accommodation arranged, rent subsidized.
  • All Japanese national holidays falling on work days, plus approximately a week each for spring, summer and winter vacations.

Interviews will be conducted in-person with applicants in final consideration for the position who reside in Japan and overseas applicants via Zoom. Applicants in consideration for final selection will be asked to prepare sample lessons for a children’s class and an adults’ class and present a sample lesson for each in the final interview.

If you feel this offer is in tune with your aspirations, please spend some time reading through the information below to ensure we are working toward a good match of your hopes and our expectations.

Please send your application to us as soon as possible addressed to Ms. Kazuko Takayama, including the following;

  1. Cover letter
  2. Résumé
  3. A recent photo of yourself
  4. References
  5. LinkedIn profile if available

Acceptable attachments (with your full name in all document names):

  • PDF document (*.pdf)
  • *.jpg for any pictures.

and send them to: